The first post – Publish AND Be Damned.

They say things like Content is King and Publish Or Be Damned so here is the first post, before design, logo, banner or any of the other bits and pieces of look and feel.

Not that you can ‘design’ much with the free dot com flavour of WordPress anyway, but that’s just an aside.

I hope this doesn’t become Publish AND Be Damned, which wouldn’t be nice. Be a hell of a typo though! Actually I liked it so much I made it the title, which you probably already know. ;)

Traditionally the first post is for nailing colours to the wall, bellowing intent, a shriek for attention; ‘This is what we will do!’ ‘We do this!’ and so on.

Perhaps it’s better to just describe US and YOU.

Two guys who can cover a wide range of subjects. Both former Geek Squad Agents which makes us either heroes or villians. We have a crazy, quirky charm and hopefully can entice you to read our ejections (ooer!) here. Or you can follow us here, there or everywhere. But don’t stalk us.

If you want to know more check out About Rodney or About Sam.

Stuff we’ll talk about includes: technology, food, gadgets, web design, SEO, drink, digital marketing, 80s, social media, LOLs, business, geek stuff, music, videos, games, copywriting, gifs, branding, philosophy, etcetera etcetera etcetera.

We love you; you are the most urbane, witty, delightful, sassy, intelligent, beautiful people that we know.

We hope that we delight and entertain you.

Lastly, did I mention we are exceedingly helpful and love to chat? If you wish you can even hire one or both of us. For any of that, the contact page is where you need to be.

R! :D


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