Will Facebook fail?

I’m getting tired of a story hack that goes along the lines of ‘Facebook/Apple/Google/[insert big corporation] won’t last forever’. Especially the slew of these stories that appear every time a share price or profit margin dips or a change of company direction occurs or new Terms are introduced.

They usually trot out how MySpace, BlackBerry, GeoCities, Nokia or any number of ‘failed’ companies seemed to be on top of the world then fell down to earth with a crash, and the same will happen to [insert favoured/despised corporation here].

I don’t think so.

Consider when Coke was introduced, 1886. 127 years ago as I write this. Then consider that I was playing with my ZX Spectrum and learning BASIC in the early eighties. Perhaps I was drinking a Coke while doing so. Undoubtedly a different product from the Coke introduced over a hundred years before, but the same company. The point is Coca Cola had been around for a hundred years before we even had basic home computing. Let alone a fast and common connection to the internet.

Coca Cola aren’t the only example I could use so sure, the dinosaurs went extinct, but Facebook et al are not dinosaurs. The actual internet may be the dinosaur for all we know.

Frankly I don’t see why Facebook or Apple or Google or any other current massive technology company can’t become the next Coca Cola or Twinings or Grolsch or Tuttle Farm or ….. the list goes on.

You get the point, it’s early days people, let’s just admit we don’t really know.

Now a top tip for business longevity; if you want to be in business a long time, open a hotel, brewery or restaurant – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_oldest_companies

R! :)


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