You probably call it rock-paper-scissors or roshambo. In South Africa we call it ching-chong-cha and many of you might know the lizard-spock variation, as seen on The Big Bang Theory.

What you might not know, is that for the common side-blotched lizard it’s a matter of whoopee. The baby making kind of whoopee. The blokes’ throat colours are either orange, blue or yellow. When whoopee time comes and they are competing for the birds, I mean female lizards of course, the competition rules are; “orange beats blue, blue beats yellow, and yellow beats orange”. Howzat!

Even bacteria do it! I’m not going to try and pretend I understand how, read how bacteria use rock-paper-scissors on Wikipedia if you want to go further.

And if strip poker doesn’t float your boat any more, you could try strip rock-paper-scissors. The Japanese already do a version, Yakyuken. Incidentally, while researching this bit I googled ‘strip rock-paper-scissors’, yikes! Close tab, close tab! I’ll leave you to go bravely there if you wish.

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R! :-D


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