What you’re saying about yourself if you buy Google Glass.

We all understand the concept of Google Glass right?

It’s the same idea I saw over two decades ago for a head-up display (HUD) in contact lenses. That was during the infancy of the internet and long before smartphones, so whoever posited that idea was a good futurist.

As we know Google Glass is basically HUD enriched with the full power of the internet as it’s fast beating heart. But they are big, clunky and make you look like a dick. For a while the hipsters will fight over whether they are cool or not. And the term ‘glassholes’ has already been penned, possibly by the envious.

And we’re already seeing Google put it’s might behind making these cool, at least for the early adopters. Ultimately they will be declared cool and be a success (of sorts) for Google. Lots of us already really want them.

But what you really need isn’t the glasses, you need to understand that you are beta. The next iteration of Google Glass will be much more discreet. And after that? Before you know it you’ll be unable to tell who has Google Glass, or more correctly wearable HUD technology, or not. Which is either a nightmare or brilliant depending on your point of view.

Just be aware, if you buy this iteration, you are this guy!

iPhone Eighties brick phone accessory.
Image courtesy of Makezine.com.

Remember, with some cutting edge tech, patience is a virtue.

R! :)


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