Can you read this?

y0u 4rE 4M@z1N6

y0u m16h7 N07 kn0w 17 bu7 y0u @r3

l375 pR0vE 1t 5h4ll w3

c0n71nu3 r34d1n6 Thi5 f0r 4 wh1l3

4S y0u r3@d 7h1s

y0u 4r3 g37t1nG B377er @ 1t

4nd f1nd1n6 i7 34513r 4nd 34513r

r34D1n6 sOm37H1n6 7h4t l00k3d c0mpl373ly STr4ng3

4nd unu5u4l

@nd y3T

1n 7h3 5p4C3 0f 7hes3 f3w 53c0nd5

y0u c4n r34d 7hi5 qU1ck3R tH4n wh3n y0u 5t4r7eD

47 f1r5T y0u m16h7 h4v3 7h0u6ht wh47 tH3 h3ll 1s 7hI5

bU7 n0w y0u re@d1n6 ju57 fIn3

574rt1n6 70 f1nd 1T f4m1l14r 3v3n

4lm057 45 iF 17 w@s ur n4tur@l l4nGu4gE

y0u 4r3 4m4z1n6







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