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Squared Online – The Beginning

Sam here,

I know I know I suck at this blog writing (can’t even remember the last time I actually wrote on here for you fine people).

That however is about to change I promise J, for I have officially started my Squared Online course, you may have remember me talking about it here –

As part of my assignments I have to start and maintain a new blog throughout the course duration, for which I have named aptly as Crumpets Squared J, and plan to update it with updates on how I am doing, and other random blog writing I will commence on doing to help fill the blog J, come check it out here –

Now lets get some 80’s tunes going on here:

Speak soon



Squared Online

Hi Again, Sam here!

Now I know I have been quite on the blogging front recently, specially as Isemann isĀ trouncing me 5-1 at the moment, but I am back and I apologise.

This entry is only a short one but I intend to expand and update you all on it other the coming months.

So what is Squared Online I hear you ask. it is the online version of Google’s career inspiring course on Digital Marketing which they, the IPA (Institute of Practitioners Advertising) and many major brands and Agencies hope will help fill the void that is being created by the lack of good quality trainingĀ  for up and coming marketeers, such as myself, and the techniques they require for today’s modern advertising avenues.

Having enrolled on the course a week or two ago now and due to commence at the beginning of September I hope to enlighten you all with my progress and topics I have covered/worked on.

Want more detailed info on Squared Online, or intrested in the course yourself? head on over to their website or social feeds: