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Two top travel apps.

2 posts in one week from me! My you lot are lucky. ;)

Starting a new category today on B & C where we will talk about new apps we have discovered and recommend to you.

I’m starting it off this time with 2 travel apps which I have recently found and believe will become invaluable to me very quickly.

First up is Citymapper London.

Now what makes Citymapper so good is not only the simplicity of how to use the app, but also the fact that it feels like they have beaten TFL to the crown of official travel app for London.

It has everything you could ever want from a travelling companion app, for example:

  • Google Map integration including 5 and 15 minute walk rings from your location.
  • The usual Nearest Bus stop/Tube station with expected times and status.
  • Railway lines, with live times.
  • Cycling Maps with Barclays Cycle Hire info.
  • Estimated Travel Cost – including cabs.
  • Number of calories burned.
  • The list goes on.

To find out more visit

Next up is TripLingo.

Now I have to admit I have only just started to use the app but from what I have seen and from chatting with the Guys on their on Twitter and via E-mail, I have to give them a shout out too.

TripLingo is a language conversion app that not only helps you translate what the locals are saying to you when you are on holiday, but also helps you learn the language as you go along, all in an easy to understand way.

Whether you’re looking for the right phrase to use, be it formal, casual or slang, or want to learn how to pronounce like the locals, this app has it, all personalised and unique to you.

Other cool features include:

  • Word Bank – grouped in usefulness for you.
  • Culture Notes – giving you a crash course of the destination you are in/going to.
  • Dictionaries, Live Support, Safety Information, Emergency Numbers to Embassy Locations, the features are endless.

I for one look forward to using this app in full, not only will it help when on holiday but I have always wanted to expand my knowledge of the Italian language away from pizza, spaghtetti, ciao bella and bongiorno.

To find out more visit

That’s it from me for now, I am off to enjoy the rarity we are currently experiencing in London called sunshine, blue sky and heat!!

This song seems very apt for it:


Like food, top chefs, free samples, local produce, live music? Check out this food festival in London.

What’s better than good food? Great food? Free samples? Live music?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, the Foodie Festival at Hampton Court Palace Green is a must.

The pop-up restaurant areas feature Jamie’s Italian, Randall & Aubin and Masala Zone, one of London’s finest Indian restaurants.

Every hour top chefs from around the world show you their magic touch and techniques.

Other foodie features include:

– Drinks master classes, every hour with tastings & samplings.
– Street and world food stalls.
– Children’s cookery theatre – children and dogs are welcome.
– A local producers market, try some scrumptious locally made food.

Top this all off with live entertainment and you have a food connoisseur’s dream day.

Sit back in the summer sun on a green English lawn, soak in the live music, take a wander and sample some delights. Foodie heaven for everyone.

Hampton Court Palace Green hosts the fifth Foodies Festival on May 25th, 26th & 27th. Details at