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A simpler pricing structure for WooThemes.

I’ve tried to come up with a simpler pricing structure for WooThemes although other pressing matters (see the p.s. below) prevent me from completely fleshing this out. I hope it’s a decent start. Here goes.


  • Paid – 1 theme per website – it comes with a base level of plugins and extensions and a free (Base) level of support.

Plugins and extensions:

  • Base – free with a theme purchase.
  • Paid – the more powerful and functional ones, for example WooCommerce.


  • Base – free with a theme purchase – email & forum only. Perhaps a 48 or 72 hour reply time for the email?
  • Paid – perhaps two tiers (only!) – after all, if you get a wooTheme who better to provide you with support? One of these tiers could be included with the Developer Membership.

Developer Membership:

  • Paid – A monthly or yearly amount with a set level of support. It could be quite pricey but it (already) includes a hell of a lot and is really for power users, developers etc. Together with paid support this should be the financial bread and butter core of the business.

Obviously my proposed structure would need more work, together with knowledge that only Adii and his crew possess. This basic structure however should be simpler and easier to understand for existing and potential new customers. That can only be a good thing.

It’s just my opinion of course but I agree with Woo that they need to ensure the business continues, is profitable and that they’ve done a lot for the WordPress community.

I hope I’ve been able to help in some way.

R! :)

p.s. Now I have to clean the kitchen floor and tidy up so the boiler man can do his fixing when he arrives. Oh the joys of tech blogging and domesticity!


Clarence and the dispenser.

Clarence was up to his eyes in it. Muck. The foulest dirtiest most evil bacteria ridden muck that his sick pooch could produce. From both ends!

Little Hector lay snoring gently in his dog basket as Clarence cleaned. The smell was truly disgusting but tissue stuffed up his nose helped.

After mopping and finishing off with kitchen towel he was ready to clean his hands, make a lovely cup of tea and watch The History Channel.

He levered the tap open with his elbow, touching anything with his hands in their present state was unthinkable. Noticed the little red light wasn’t on just as he placed his hands beneath the Dettol No Touch Hand Wash System. Fuck! a tiny little drop hung from the dispenser. Not enough for even a fingernail. What now? Fucking fuckity battery driven bloody machine! No battery power no reassuring bzzzz. No. Fucking. Soap!!

Then he remembered something. Stepping back he managed to hook the handle of the under-sink cupboard with his heel. It swung open, revealing the old manual pump dispenser lying on its side near the back. He tumbled it out, grabbed it with dirty hands, and pumped cleansing liquid soap. Tesco Value but who cares! Wash wash wash. Heaven.

After thoroughly cleaning his hands he cleaned the dispenser top, removed the thin coating of dust, and confidently placed it where the techno-marvel had previously been, secure in the knowledge that humans had been cleaning their hands with basic soap technology for over two thousand years. His battery driven non-sensibility was over.

Tea made, The History Channel on, a documentary about Pompeii. Clarence guffawed, the soap factory in Pompeii was being shown. Hell, just the batteries inside that ‘technical marvel’ in the bin would have cost more than pump dispenser he would use from now on!

Proof That Google Glass is here to stay?

What links VHS, DVD and Bluray and the Internet together?

Well apart from the fact they are all formats for watching video at home, it is Porn!

It is no secret that the “adult entertainment” industry can play a major role in the technology world.

Whether it is helping to decide the victor format in a so-called “Format War”, as was the case with:

Or helping drive sales for its content, as was the case with both DVD and Pay-Per-View, The Porn Industry sure does know how to back the right technology to progress itself forward, heck just look at the internet!

Now I know what your thinking, what on earth has this got to do with Google and their Google Glass?

Well was generally browsing on today I came across this article:

Google Glass Gets Its First Porn App

That’s right people, a porn website whose content is filmed exclusively on Google Glass, giving a whole new meaning to Point Of View.

Does this mean that Google Glass is here to stay?

Who can tell but for the porn industry to back it at this early stage it certainly has a strong leg to stand on.

*UPDATE* No sooner had the app been released Google have now banned it from Google Glass, still it’s early days and tech was made to bend the rules a bit.

Two top travel apps.

2 posts in one week from me! My you lot are lucky. ;)

Starting a new category today on B & C where we will talk about new apps we have discovered and recommend to you.

I’m starting it off this time with 2 travel apps which I have recently found and believe will become invaluable to me very quickly.

First up is Citymapper London.

Now what makes Citymapper so good is not only the simplicity of how to use the app, but also the fact that it feels like they have beaten TFL to the crown of official travel app for London.

It has everything you could ever want from a travelling companion app, for example:

  • Google Map integration including 5 and 15 minute walk rings from your location.
  • The usual Nearest Bus stop/Tube station with expected times and status.
  • Railway lines, with live times.
  • Cycling Maps with Barclays Cycle Hire info.
  • Estimated Travel Cost – including cabs.
  • Number of calories burned.
  • The list goes on.

To find out more visit

Next up is TripLingo.

Now I have to admit I have only just started to use the app but from what I have seen and from chatting with the Guys on their on Twitter and via E-mail, I have to give them a shout out too.

TripLingo is a language conversion app that not only helps you translate what the locals are saying to you when you are on holiday, but also helps you learn the language as you go along, all in an easy to understand way.

Whether you’re looking for the right phrase to use, be it formal, casual or slang, or want to learn how to pronounce like the locals, this app has it, all personalised and unique to you.

Other cool features include:

  • Word Bank – grouped in usefulness for you.
  • Culture Notes – giving you a crash course of the destination you are in/going to.
  • Dictionaries, Live Support, Safety Information, Emergency Numbers to Embassy Locations, the features are endless.

I for one look forward to using this app in full, not only will it help when on holiday but I have always wanted to expand my knowledge of the Italian language away from pizza, spaghtetti, ciao bella and bongiorno.

To find out more visit

That’s it from me for now, I am off to enjoy the rarity we are currently experiencing in London called sunshine, blue sky and heat!!

This song seems very apt for it:

What you’re saying about yourself if you buy Google Glass.

We all understand the concept of Google Glass right?

It’s the same idea I saw over two decades ago for a head-up display (HUD) in contact lenses. That was during the infancy of the internet and long before smartphones, so whoever posited that idea was a good futurist.

As we know Google Glass is basically HUD enriched with the full power of the internet as it’s fast beating heart. But they are big, clunky and make you look like a dick. For a while the hipsters will fight over whether they are cool or not. And the term ‘glassholes’ has already been penned, possibly by the envious.

And we’re already seeing Google put it’s might behind making these cool, at least for the early adopters. Ultimately they will be declared cool and be a success (of sorts) for Google. Lots of us already really want them.

But what you really need isn’t the glasses, you need to understand that you are beta. The next iteration of Google Glass will be much more discreet. And after that? Before you know it you’ll be unable to tell who has Google Glass, or more correctly wearable HUD technology, or not. Which is either a nightmare or brilliant depending on your point of view.

Just be aware, if you buy this iteration, you are this guy!

iPhone Eighties brick phone accessory.
Image courtesy of

Remember, with some cutting edge tech, patience is a virtue.

R! :)

Will Facebook fail?

I’m getting tired of a story hack that goes along the lines of ‘Facebook/Apple/Google/[insert big corporation] won’t last forever’. Especially the slew of these stories that appear every time a share price or profit margin dips or a change of company direction occurs or new Terms are introduced.

They usually trot out how MySpace, BlackBerry, GeoCities, Nokia or any number of ‘failed’ companies seemed to be on top of the world then fell down to earth with a crash, and the same will happen to [insert favoured/despised corporation here].

I don’t think so.

Consider when Coke was introduced, 1886. 127 years ago as I write this. Then consider that I was playing with my ZX Spectrum and learning BASIC in the early eighties. Perhaps I was drinking a Coke while doing so. Undoubtedly a different product from the Coke introduced over a hundred years before, but the same company. The point is Coca Cola had been around for a hundred years before we even had basic home computing. Let alone a fast and common connection to the internet.

Coca Cola aren’t the only example I could use so sure, the dinosaurs went extinct, but Facebook et al are not dinosaurs. The actual internet may be the dinosaur for all we know.

Frankly I don’t see why Facebook or Apple or Google or any other current massive technology company can’t become the next Coca Cola or Twinings or Grolsch or Tuttle Farm or ….. the list goes on.

You get the point, it’s early days people, let’s just admit we don’t really know.

Now a top tip for business longevity; if you want to be in business a long time, open a hotel, brewery or restaurant –

R! :)